Saturday, September 13, 2014

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Doha Review: Al Ahli Day 4 of Admission

This morning on top of the 12 hour CTG scan done for my baby at 5am/pm I had a visit from my doctor; Dr Sujatha and she decided on 18th as my OP date. I will be 37 weeks and 4 days into my pregnancy

I am having a lazy day today...plenty of TV and reading up on baby care. Someone delivered the newspaper so I called up a child care agency and they will email me with a 1 week invoice on mother and childcare. And the other good news I read was that PHCC is offering free mother and newborn care so I asked my husband to check it out when he goes to West Bay HC tomorrow to collect our Hamad Card

My breakfast, someone forgot the yogurt today

Tabaloueh was good and tasty (from lunch tray)

Qatari dessert (from lunnch tray)

Lunch tray


I had a long talk over the phone with the MIL since she missed out on my admission and all that, and was trying to explain to her not to rush here because the husband already took a month leave to care for me and between the both of us we can manage a bubba on our own

After that around 9.30 pmish I finally managed to get off the phone with her and had my dinner and went to pee. I spotted some blood drops on my panties and when I wiped so I informed the nurse which in return informed the doctor on duty whom then told me to fast right away and hooked me up with insulin. Someone called my ob-gyn and I was informed to fast-I am looking at an earlier delivery-tomorrow morning! Everything was going so fast! I was expecting 18th not 14th! I quickly called  my husband and then ranged up my mom. Both were worried for me and my mom asked to pray to God and leave it to His hands

Somehow I did manage to get some shut eye-told the husband to come in early the next day

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