Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Food review: how to make hung yogurt

This is probably the most simplest recipe there is to it. All you need are ready made yogurt and muslin cloth. Where do you get muslin clothes? Well from baby stores because muslin clothes also double as burp cloth, breastfeeding cover and swaddle wrap. In my culture they use it as a nappy because the cotton is breathable

Anyhow here's the super duper simple recipe

Empty out the entire contents of the yogurt into the center of the muslin. Gather the sides and pull up. If you want to you could tie it with rubber band or string. I didn't because I only had like 2 small packs of yogurt

Then hang that bitch in your fridge or outside (if temperature permits it from souring)

The whey from the yogurt will drip down so make sure you place a plate or bowl underneath to catch it

I tied mine on my kitchen drawer on top of my sink so to dripped into the sink

If you want 1 cup of hung yogurt you need 2 cups of yogurt and so forth

If you're lazy just buy Greek yogurt from the supermarket. Even after blending it with bananas and strawberries in my food processor the thing was as thick as hung yogurt

You will need to leave the yogurt overnight if you are going to hang it at room temperature, just make sure your weather is not hot and humid because you will get a sour thick yogurt. Over here it's winter so my room temperature is constantly at 25°C and at might it drops to 21°C. Or you can leave it overnight in your fridge so you know it don't go sour

When dealing sith dairy product you want to make sure you don't have opened food lying around in your fridge because that bitch will pick up the smell into your hung yogurt 

The Greek yogurt after a well blend with strawberries and bananas

The yogurt ready to be hung 

The hung yogurt after leaving it overnight to strain 

Added cinammon powder, icing sugar and tutti frutti mix into the hung yogurt 

Give it a gentle mix 

And here we go 

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