Thursday, July 2, 2015

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KL Review: Littlewhiz in Setia Alam

Have I been putting off writing on my blog. Motherhood can be so demanding, especially now that my son is learning new things every day. The closer he gets to walking, the more he wants to 'touch base' that is nursing, holding, wearing and what not. I also feel that he has anxiety issues, he keeps waking up at night expecting to be hold and rocked (while walking)

As it is, my patience is slowly running thin, today I snapped at him and he cried. I am trying so hard to be a good mother. Rarely I lose my mind but I think 9 months is taking its toll.

Anyways lets not talk about my parenting style-I am practicing attachment parenting and I wear him in his sling at least 2 hours daily. Plus I am still breastfeeding him. I don't care what shit you have to say about breastfeeding, if you aren't doing it then something is WRONG WITH YOU, NOT YOUR FUCKING BREASTS

Mammals are suppose to NURSE. If your milk is not coming out, then see a doctor, take pills, galactagogues, express frequently, don't give up. And what is this SHIT about CONTROLLED CRYING. The problem with the WEST is that they want their privacy, they want to keep their babies in cribs in separate rooms, and sleep with a monitor by their bed side instead of the baby on the bed. They deny their body's natural maternal instincts from day 1. Then go expecting your kid to turn out the way you wanted to. Having a baby means SACRIFICING, GIVING UP SOME OF THAT SHIT YOU LOVE SO MUCH. I am not going to sugar-coat my words here. I am blessed enough to have birthed an 'easy baby' but I know not all parents are so lucky. YES, BITCHES ITS GOT TO DO WITH LUCK. If you have 'high-need' baby then adjust your lifestyle to meet your baby's need not yours. NO ONE FORCED YOU TO HAVE A CHILD.

SO enough rant and lets get down to business. I was in Malaysia for 3 weeks and found online a company that sold a zillion baby products, even pre-order toys that you want and are not available locally

Its in Setia Alam on the 1st floor of a 3 storey shop lot and the whole place is sandwiched packed from corner to corner , from floor to ceiling with baby products from bedding to imported balms and everything in between

I was impressed with the mass collection of items they had there and I racked up RM 1300 for toys and baby food. It's way cheaper than what I would have to pay over here for the amount of things I bought.

Now here are the snap shots taken from the shop

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