Friday, August 28, 2015

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The India Trip

The trip I had been putting off for my life and finally I could no longer avoid it

The husband decided to give me a surprise birthday gift-a trip to India no less

What I had been asking was for John's phone

All in all it was a great trip, my cousins were fantastic, their house was big enough to accommodate us, I had an authentic Indian birthday dinner and Viaan had fun playing with his grandparents and my relatives

Although I couldn't help feeling that I may have taken advantage of my parents and my uncle to take care of Viaan while I take a break here and there...and I never helped with the kitchen work, someone is always doing that for me, cleaning up after Viaan's meal (whatever that fell on the floor)

When I came back I was feeling lazy for a couple of days...and the food they stuff down my throat-the Indian hospitality at best. I think I gained weight over there

And when I got back I had high fever and diarrhea. A trip to Al Ahli and 6 hours of isolation fixed my fever but my diarrhea lasted a few days longer...and when that finished my fucking period started. 

The birthday cake with both me and my twin sister's name on it

The Indian ice kacang

The famous ram-leela ice kacang shop in Rajkot

My mom's town which went under after the dam was built

The old town was beautilful and the air was fresh....the one piece of India still untouched by pollution

A typical traditional Gujarati house

Another view of the dam

This temple was built with money given by my family

Shopping with mom

Jetpur, a ragtown of saree makers

The famous Jalaram temple

This sight you can see all over India-cowherds and sheepherders and goatherds 

The Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. This is where his movement staeted and where he resided 

A typical slum

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