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Tadom Hill Resorts Labohan Dagang

Wow how long has it been since I last wrote something? Well it was in December 2015.

So much had happened after that of course

1. We had our holiday during Xmas and new year in Spain. We went to Madrid and Seville. It was a nice trip but I was dead tired lugging laundry to and fro coin laundry with a toddler in tow

2. Viaan will turn 2 next month

3. The husband renovated his condo in KL and in a prime area no less

4. I spent my birthday at Tadom Hill Resort and it was my best birthday ever. Birthdays are always best celebrated with your family,not your married-into-families where I have to watch my mouth and my steps.

Let me elaborate about this marvelous hill located within 20 minutes of driving distance from my parents house in Banting

It was awesomeness. They hired cheap labour (easy on the eyes Caucasian on summer break or semester break or whatever) to meet and greet guests gor registration-be it a day trip or stay

The place is still under works and A lot needs to be done, you can see unfinished work here and there

Their website is pretty handy so I would suggest you to go thru it and then do as I tell you

1. Print the form and fill in your details so when you go there all you have to do is present it to the guard in the guard post to the resort. Bear in mind there are a lot of blue collar guests whom are illiterate and the guard has to fill in forms for them. Save your time and print the form. Fill it up before hand.

2. Go early in the morning or late afternoon. The man made river closes at 6.30pm. They have free gazebos for you to sit but there is a catch. There are only like 6 or 7 shaded gazebos and several benches and table. So unless you don't mind sharing go early and grab a good shaded spot. Or better still go around 3pm when the crown thins out and the sun is down

3. The entrance fee for day trip is really cheap. They have not segregated the fees according to local and foreign tourist so it's good to bring your Danes and Joes before they come up with the idea of jacking up the prices; segregatively speaking

4. Shared loos people. Even if you stay in the lush chalet you shit in the same hole as everyone else. But they have a good number of loos on both ends of their resort so people don't crowd. I was there from 11 till 5 and I didn't see anyone queuing to use the loo. But then I went on a Sunday. School holidays thing can get crazy. The lifeguard told us there can be 200 people at a time. Plan your trip well people

5. There are alot of life jackets. They are meant for sharing so except some wear and tear on them. And incredibly wet. And under no circumstances you are allowed in the lake unless you have your orange life preserver on because post-alive is no fun to swim with. Many a times the guard whistled to guests on water who had taken them off to put it back on. Also smoking is not allowed in the waters

6. There is a special warded off area for team building activities but it's part of another management. I saw a big ass water slide there. Dayum! But these kind people have a (broken) swing, a rope and a jumping board for you to jump into the water. It's 5 meters high. I was stoned so I hesitated before jumping. At the opposite side of the lake are two water polo nets.

7. To the left of the lake, the water is covered with overgrown weed and it works as a natural barrier to stop people from rafting too far off

8. Life jackets are free, so are the rafts and gazebos. Some gazebos you can rent them but I don't know for how much

9. Senior citizens and minors get in for free.

I loved this place so much. And it's so close to my house. I wanted to stay longer here. Oh well there's always next time

I took picyures of everything, right from the entrance of the palm plantation, passing by the super ugly and muddy and not to mention broken down 4x4 bikes which I mistook as Tadom to the actual entrance, the lake and the accommodations. There are some pictures of the toilets too.

I want to mention that a lot of the paddles were broken such as this

This is the tram building thing owned by another management and it was closed today
The parking lot is as you can see spacious and unmarked. Please park haphazardly, expecially on weekends

You pass by this before you see Tadom

The entrance and car park. The little hut on the right of image is where you hand in your waiver form

The shared bed hut. One hut has about 10 single mattresses on floor and mosquito nets on each one

The hammocks

The decent chalet, if you don't want to hear what goes around you

The showers

Camping site 

We found this spot hidden from view and the trees pretty much provided shade

The lake

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