Saturday, July 29, 2017

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A bit of a Rant

After 5 years abroad/sabbatical/career break, whatever polite words to sum it up, we finally decided to come back to Malaysia for good. And after a few months of settling in, with the bubb adjusting to the climate and food changes I decided to going back to work. But alas! I have been away for far too long that my chances of going back to Infra support is slim with a gleam of hope

I had been working with UNIX and Linux servers. And to top if off, I have 3 certifications to boot. Is RHCSA a common thing now?

I have exhausted my contacts and friends' help for job vacancies and I spend an hour daily on Jobstreet trying my luck. Yesterday I started to look for Service Desk positions. Yes, gasp all you want

Yes, to go back to where I left off 5 years ago I have to start from the very bottom. Again.

After numerous interviews and promising leads I am close to giving up entirely. Have I waited too long? What if I hadn't left the industry 5 years ago?

It's not the money I am in for, you can see my travels, I have been to places most people can't afford to go. I stayed in one of the richest country in the Gulf and had really a good time raising my son

But you know what they say, all good things must come to an end

Is this my end?

I hope not. That is why I am going thru my notes and virtual server and blogging all sort of UNIX and LINUX related stuffs, in an event that I don't nail that technical interview, the link to my blog (I hope) will be my saving messiah

I wished I can shout out and tell the world


From now onwards, my blog link will be the one and only thing I put in my pitch whenever I apply for a Jobstreet position

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