Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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KL Review: Reka Playhouse @The Gateway Mall

The playhouse is new, because the mall itself is new. The Gateway Mall opened on May 15th. And because the playhouse is new, they are having promotion. For children between ages 2-12 the one-time entrance fee is RM 20

I had joined as a member where I get a rebate of RM 30 (in vouchers that I can use for 2 free entries-one during registration and the other RM 20 as a one-time entry, and the remaining RM 10 off for yet another day) They also give me a card with 10 rings, and all entries; free or not are stamped on this card and once you have 9 stamps the 10th entry is free and you get a new card. I have so far collected 4 stamps

The benefits of being a member is of course the reduced entrance fee, and also some discount for using their party room

On their premises, Reka has

  • a microwave to heat up food for your children
  • hot-water thermos to make milk, etc
  • cold drinks, sold
  • sausages, sold
  • lockers
  • shoe racks
  • toilet, but they don't allow you to take a dump in there
  • CCTV monitors all over the place
  • bean bags for tired parents to sit down
  • free balloons for kids
  • the place is for children from ages 2 till 12

You need to wear socks to go in the playhouse and they sell socks-but they're not cheap. Just walk to DIY at the other end and get a pair for under RM 2

I have been there many times and the place is usually deserted on weekdays and even on weekends there are only a handful of kids playing. They allow 2 adults per child but I have gone with 3 adults and they are fine (probably because I was the only one over there)

The place can get chilly because of their air conditioning so wear long sleeves clothing (that goes for your children too) and most important of all don't forget your socks!

This is not a paid review, just based on my personal experience

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