Monday, July 10, 2017

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The Last Holiday: Egypt

A month before we left Doha, we decided to go Egypt

And while the son was sick and had ear infection and was generally miserable throughout the entire time we were there, we still had a good time

When we got back home, a quick trip to Hamad confirmed he had otitis media (ear infection) and after a round of antibiotics, he was well on his way to recovery

I wished under different circumstances, we could do Egypt again

We went to the Great Pyramids, and spent most of our days in downtown Cairo

Some pictures from the trip

These are the pictures taken from the museum; it was open for a short period of time and a lot of artifacts were missing from displays because they were being packed and moved to the new museum. We were lucky! Although I might add that you need about 2 days to explore all the exhibits properly and in detail. We spent half a day touring ourselves and I didn't even cover the whole area on the 1ft floor, which is where the main King Tut's displays and artifacts were housed

Yes, it is Tut's famous chair which was being scanned by the Japanese scientists and it was out in the open for all to take pictures

The history behind these statues were, when the tomb was opened; people were shocked to see these statues; they looked a lot like the living and excavators thought they were real people alive inside.

And if you are in Cairo, of course it is mandatory to splurge on kusheri. We are at the most famous kusheri restaurant in Cairo

The great pyramids!

Inside Khufu's chamber

The entrance dug by grave robbers

At the Sphinx

The nile river view from Conrad Cairo

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