Friday, July 28, 2017

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LINUX : Shrink JFS2 File System on LINUX

I once had a request when an engineer incorrectly extended a different file system than requested. These kind of human error always happen because hey, we're not all that perfect (and sometimes misreading and misunderstanding the user's request)

So I had to correct his mistake and get back to the customer because I was on great terms with the team. Yups, that happens too

Anyhow, here goes

What happens if we resized the wrong FS??

You start with the problem

Many thanks, but there is one problem, as per my initial request I needed /oracle/dat4 not /oracle/dat3

Make sure no one is using/accessing the file systems and resize2fs is installed on the server and the FS was created with JFS2

# umount /oracle/dat3

# resize2fs /dev/vg04/lvol2 20464M (this is the original size before we went about clobbering it)

# lvreduce -L 20464M /dev/vg04/lvol2

# mount /oracle/dat3

I had forgotten exactly which OS this Linux machine was running on. Hence the title Linux

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