Thursday, October 25, 2018

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Kindie Review: The Children's House

They are made famous by their red and white picket fence bungalow strategically placed in Bangsar and around Klang valley.

Of course, on their admission page you will not find any reference to fees.

All you need is a phone call to the number provided on their website (my emails were unanswered) which will be directed to their HQ customer service (wherever that is)

Today I took the leap and decided to call the number listed. After 3 attempts, someone finally picked up and I got the lay down on their fees and structure.

I inquired about 4 year old since my son is 4.

They have 3 programmes. The quarter day, half day and full day.

  • quarter day ends at 12pm
  • half day ends at 3pm (I am interested in this)
  • full day ends at 6pm (not all their branches provide full day; only a selected few)

4 terms a year

Time schedule:

9am till 3pm

Fees (for 4 year old, half day programme)

RM 7960 deposit (refundable upon 4 months notice of your child leaving the kindie)

RM 7960 per term fee

RM 1180 one-off stationary fee

RM 500 registration fee promo

What is provided

Breakfast and lunch; no nap time

1 pair of uniform (only mandatory for field trips)

Snack such as juice and biscuits if your child happens to be hungry

What you still have to pay for

field trips costs

outdoor activity planned by the teachers

As you can see, the whole fees structure put me off. It's not meant for middle class parents. Rather; the school aims everything stated on their website's goals for children meant to be coming from rich backgrounds. I am a poor fuck, this won't do for me. Boo Hoo

*Registration closes at 31st October 2018

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