Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Another Go In The Kitchen

Another few of the recipes I found from http://funnfud.blogspot.com/, tried tested out.

For the Manchurian Gravy Recipe, vegetarians can omit the egg and replace it with Eno, this will surely make the batter "naik", I replaced the French beans with Sweet beans, the cabbage with leftover from lunch and I reduced the amount of salt for both the gravy and the fry-moulds. Also, for the gravy add kicap cair with the soya sauce, and if you want vege oyster sauce. Dash of black pepper powder, and chinese curry leaves, this will make the gravy smell and taste like a real Chinese gravy and the fried balls add the Indian taste to the Chinese gravy!

Picture is upside down, but the bhajias are good enuff to be eaten just like dat dipped with Mint Sauce.

This dish must be eaten hot, coz if you soak the balls for too long in the gravy, the balls will soak up all the gravy and become to soft.

And then I did the vege fried rice. I used Chinese short and fat grain rice, it is sticky but once you throw in the rice with the mixed vege, the stickiness goes away and the rice cooks very nice

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