Tuesday, May 12, 2009

# Butter Paneer Masala and Tomato + Ball Pepper Rice # dinner

Mother's Day Dinner

I have been trying out recipes I found from the net. I was looking for paneer based recipes to do on mother's day and I happened to come across a blog that had so many tried-test-proof recipes I printed 2 copies of all the ones I liked best and started out at home Sunday night (Mother's Day) I was lacking in sleep, having finished my night shift and then rushed to Banting after freshening up myself. Slept for 3-4 hours, then rushed around town to buy the necessary items for dinner!

So here's my Butter Paneer Masala and Tomato + Ball Pepper Rice, which I obtained from a food blog. http://funnfud.blogspot.com/

Tomato and Ball Pepper Rice

This we finished the night itself

Panner Butter Masala

I made mine very watery coz my family likes food with that extra "kuah". Tasted just as good the day after.

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