Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Dudhi Kofta and Carrot Rice

The dudhi took time to make, not that the process itself took time, but my father was gone a while before he got back from our local market. It was hard to make balls with the dudhi because labu air being watery, my mum and I had to squeeze the thing in our hands before mixing it with besan, salt, and other spices. I especially liked the kofta, it was soft and tender and hot and well-spiced. The curry was abit watery, but that's the way my family like it, so I had to make extra curry. Not that I mind, because the curry and spices soaked into the kofta well. I wasnt happy with the cabbage rice last night so tonight I made sure the carrot was enuf in the rice (enuff to be seen in my shots as well as visible to be eaten) What I did today was to cook the carrot first with its spices, then added it in the rice and cooked the whole lot in the rice cooker. This saved me the time to cook the rice and spices together after the rice was done. Well, I loved the kofta. It tasted damn good! See for yourself!

The spices. Lets start ant-clockwise. Tomato puree, garam masala, chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin seeds and slivered almonds

The uncooked rice with cooked carrots and spices dosed in

The rice cooked. You can fluff the rice after the rice is well cooked and the vapor/steam has dissipated completely

The kofta. Note the corianders and almond toppings!!

Yum Yum! I can see the carrots!

Damn Im still full!

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