Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Father's Day In One U

For Father's Day, I brought my family (mom, dad, brother and Boby-aunt) to One Utama. We left in the morning and reached a bit early of our appointed reserved lunch time. So we spent some time in MPH, bought 2 books and then after a hearty lunch we went to Chikuyo or was it Chikoyu? The lunch was perfect as you can see, all the 5 dishes was wiped clean. My dad the food critic was soo busy stuffing himself full he forgot to complain about the dish. (He usually does this at home; "less salt", "too spicy" and "this is too much, whos going to finish it?") Yum Yum! 

The mock Assam Fish. This was heavenly!

The Claypot Vege. This didnt come in a claypot and I didnt the like corn-starchy feeling it had

The roasted duck was superb. The balance was fantastic!

The vege mock-steak

Total Bill: RM 110++

After lunch, we hit Pasta Zanmai for dessert. I went there with Satish before and I loved the dessert. We had the nicest time eating our vegetarian pasta and since their dessert was superb, I saved my stomach for ice cream and crepes!. We ordered like 6 dishes. Strawberry ice cream, banana-chocolate, green tea and black sesame, and the best of all-strawberry crepes!

My banana-chocolate

My half eaten grub

Boby's Green team-black sesame

The sweetest dish of all--strawberry crepe! Although I must say the crepe wasnt so fresh..

Love the berries and the was so heavenly!

Tab came up to RM 95
Who said desserts are cheap these days?!

Mom and dad

Boby and her dessert; she didnt order it, I had accidently ordered extra. Hey, who's complaining?

Second round of dessert

 Brother polishing off everything

Yum Yum!!

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