Sunday, July 19, 2009

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My Bhabi's cooking

My Bhabhi has adapted to Malaysia so well and her Asian culinary taste has expanded so much, she can basically make all the Indian Continental dishes as well as local Malaysian dishes

To be noted is her tasty dodhi and aloo kofta. I loved it sooo very much. It tasted like hotel food. I could not believe how tasty it was. The moment it hit my mouth I was like in a different world already. Its like you can taste the love, time and energy spent on the food. Unfortunately I don't have the pictures with me. But believe me when I tell you I could taste the love in it, and that what's make her different and unique. Her maggi goreng is lovely. Its very light and tasty.

She cooks greenies so fast and so well, the texture, color and taste is so well preserved

Maggi Goreng

My usual thali. Bhabhi made sayur manis in the most exotic way I could imagine, tauhu sambal, ever so sweet, dhal curry and some coconut parut juice (sinful, I know)

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