Saturday, August 22, 2009

# dubai # ed hardy

Going off for now

I was searching online for the bestest way to promote my blog, and I remembered something Jet Son told me few months back about an Ad-site called nuffnag and I registered my blog there. They put some ads on my blog, and in return I get to cash in for every ads visitors visit. Alternatively, I joined Scratch Back and put up a "tip" jar for users to tip me and subscribe me to post their ads.
I did am major haul on the blog, removed all my old widgets, spent the whole day searching for skins and widgets and ways to make quick money online. I took the skin from JackBook. Did some grammar editing, although its still not perfected yet. My Malaysian English is getting me nowhere. Lol!
Anyways off for today. Looking forward to go home tomorrow.
Satish and my UK aunt are both coming down to Malaysia tomorrow.
Satish on a 6AM flight from Dubai
UK aunt on a 9.45PM flight from London
Me? Can't wait to see my Ed Hardy tops I bought online

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