Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chinoz on the AssWipe

I am in a euphoric mood today. Not even that Paki's ugly presence can spoil my mood! For I had a fantastic night out with Satish yesterday. We were in KL Sentral parking out bags in the lockers and deciding where to spend the few hours or so we had before my aunt's curfew ended (at about 8 or 9ish)We decided to hit KLCC, being the nearest and fastest (and also the most expensive) way to get drunk. We went to Chinoz on the Park for drinks,but I didn't quite like the seating, Satish did. The view was fantastic until about the time they started taking out the dishes for Buka Puasa buffet and the stench of roast beef kept wafting through to our side. We quickly finished the drinks (my mango fizz nearly fizzled my night) Never going to Chinoz on the AssWipe again! Then we decided to go to Chillis, I like their margaritas and spirits. He likes beer. Luckily for us it was Happy Hour. Unlucky for us, the place was packed with yuppies staring at their food. I thought I saw a slut in tight jeans and Prada; beer and chow on table, staring at her watch. We somehow got 2 seats at the bar and quickly got down to the matter. Drinking. I tried 3 types of drinks. Mai tai, Sunshine Tropical something and something something I forgot but it had a lovely cherry and an orange slice on it. Satish took beers. 40% off beers and RM 5 off the rest.
Yum Yum! I was full from drinking. And high. Both of us. Somehow we managed to make our way to the LRT and stumbled to our bags. He joked and poked fun at people along the way. So it was like a drunk leading another drunk the way. Or like the blind leading the blind. Whichever. We split at Pasar Seni station. He took the bus back to Malacca. I went back to Wangsa Maju. I was frantically chewing Fisherman's Friend t get rid of any smell my breath my have. I could not however, stop my bright-and-diluted eyes appear tired and dim. He he he least I tried. I had my lips glued till I had my shower and brushed my teeth with so much vigor I thought they were gonna break off.
Ok so back to Chillis. I loved the atmosphere. You can just make out in there and no one would bother. But sadly I also realized how the yuppies have seemed to conquer the floors. There were 2 yuppies staring at their food and drinks and talking cock about Indonesia and their projects and works. Sheesh. Indon? Also at the bar were 2 people from Satish's previous job in Malaysia. He had joined the company right after his Diploma. The guy who was working with him-Rajan I think is now a director of a fleet of hotels in Vietnam. And the slut who used to wear short skirts and sit on Satish's desk and flash her panties back in those days is a manager of some slut company. There. You. Go. Sex sells. Period
Anyone who has never heard or practiced tipping before in their LIFE should start tipping now. Our tab came up to RM 129 and I paid with my card (since it was me who invited Satish to hit Chillis) so I added a ten under the bills. And Satish was furious at me for tipping.
He went like "but ten!! thats so much!!" 
"Im sure no one used to tip you back in your college days when YOU used to work at CHillis"
"Yeah, but why? You can give me the ten instead"
"I used to work in Italianess and no yuppie in their right mind ever tipped the hostess (for giving them such good tables). I used to have to split my tips with the server for the table. IF we ever receive tips more than RM 5 per table. Its not always that patrons appreciate the good, no great service from the entrance itself, not to mention the time we take to make sure their food taste as good as it sound and table is as clean as their asses. So, I think the IMMIGRANT BARTENDER deserves a proper tip."
"He is probably going to spend it on some hooker"
"Well, money well spent I guess. Next time we will definitely get a good table. Trust me"
I made sure the yuppies next to us felt like assholes, but then again who's to say? Yuppies don't give 2 fucks about anything or anybody. They should start serving pork in Chillis. Stop a certain group of yuppies or yuppie wannabes from holding up the tables before 7pm. Amen Brother!
I left feeling so much happier. Tipping is great. We should always tip. Im not saying tip the girl at the checkout counter in Jusco (they don't get to keep the money anyways) but tipping at the right time, at the right place can and will surely cause a rippled affect to your benefit.

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