Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wake Up Call

I woke up this morning at 5.15 when my alarm went off. But then I rolled over and thought "ahh, what a bliss, its the weekends" and went back to sleep. Couple seconds later, I opened my eyes and went like "but I still have one more day to go, and I had planned to wear my Shiroi Neko on Saturday and today IS Saturday!!" Crap! I woke up with a jolt, creaked the already broken floorboards and I checked the time. 5.18AM! I thought it was over 6 AM something!

I had a quick shower, swallowed my breakfast and got ready to go to work. But I had woken up feeling very sleep though. As if I didn't have enough sleep last night. But I slept at 10ish and I woke up this morning 2 mins later than usual. Hmmmm....what gives?

At work. I came to my desk to find my teammate on the phone with a Sans Serif. He was apparently looking for a The Spirit's number. Which he somehow didn't manage and after 9 minutes of mumbling and apologising to Sans, he wanted to pass the receiver to me. Hey I just got here! I haven't even turned on the PC yet!

Of course he didn't know how to put two people on conference call. Before I lost my rag, I took the receiver from him

"Wats up Sans?"

"Can you call The Spirit and put him through please?"

"Ok, just give me a min, Ill look him up"

I opened my company's internal version of instant messenger, typed  in The Spirit's name, checked his mobile number and got him on the line in less that 2 mins.

Sigh, 9 mins to retrieve a fucking phone number. Fucking unbelievable.

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