Sunday, August 16, 2009

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My Shiroi Nekos have Arrived!

I was skeptical about buying online, but I went ahead and made a purchase anyway. That was last month. Within a week I received my tops. All in mint condition except for some black marks on my white tee, it was all good, right down to the gold words (I don't know if this is gold or some shinning goldish looking plastic material) But hey I got my tops, and I'm happy with the purchase and Im planning to buy some more!
Feast your eyes! Sorry only got 3 pictures. The last one Dips nicked before I could take the pic!
Top 1, this one I'm leaving for my brother

LA D*Ink front

LA D*Ink Back

I forgot the name, but this is by far the favorite among me and my siblings. Priyu wanted this, so I will get it for her next month

The lady with gun-back

Lovely isnt it!!! I am happy!! It took about 10 days for the shipment to arrive from Bangkok.

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