Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Female Restroom visible from outside

I just finished lodging a report against the violation of women's privacy. It appears that all the windows of my office are heavily-tinted double-way except for the female restroom on the 6th floor in Block A. Last week, the guy in my team who moved to the window seat had the time of his life when it was raining outside and the insides of the restroom on the opposite block became visible to him. He got so excited that he IM'd a couple of yuppies to witness the ongoings in a female toilet. Where I work, B block is the taller one of the two. We can sometimes witness employees enjoying lunch at their pantry tables from across, of course with their windows pulled up. I was looking out the window today enjoying the balmy night wind when I noticed that the restroom was completely, utterly visible from where I was standing. I was looking down at sinks, the TPs, the toilets....gosh!! Privacy flying over the window! (Pun intended)

I quickly emailed a formal complaint for this issue to be urgently dealt with before I change my mind and decide to escalate this to a higher authority. 

Part 1 of complaint

Part 2 of Complaint

The disturbing images

Image 1

Image 2

I will update the outcome of this report soon enough...

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