Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Burger for Dinner

Two nights back, I made burger patties from scratch. I had Googled the recipe online from some food blog I scoured. This after reading AHT for weeks and deciding to give it a try. Sadly it didn't turn out as well as I had expected. Maybe because I was tired and I started late. The recipe was altered from the original. I used too many beans and less potatoes, I substituted the US potatoes with Holland potatoes, which made the texture a bit yellowish and less gluey. The beans I had soaked overnight, it was still hard so I had to pressure cook it. I hate the way the dough looked like. It made a mess out of my kitchen and I was pissed the patties weren't sticking together. It kept breaking apart. I added more home-made butter to harden it (but of course it doesn't work that way, butter turns everything mushy) I even used up my grandmother's specially brought from UK butter. She was mad at me, but it was actually my aunt who smothered her butter all over the buns because I had used up all the home made butter for the patties. 

The end result? Surprisingly my dad, my aunt and mum loved it. I didn't. Not even with Gouda, mustard, fresh tomatoes, ketchup, thousand island and chili sauce. I was still upset over the final result that I ate a bit of my burger and threw away the rest. Mum was upset when she saw the patties in the bin, she told me never to enter the kitchen again. Well sometimes, even the greatest chef makes mistakes. I could have done better but I was cooking alone and I had wanted my mum to come assist me but she wasn't at home. Everyone were at shop making money. I told Boby to get mum but no one did. 

Well anyway, maybe I didn't like it because I had spent hours making those patties. But my cousin liked it. She said it was delicious and requested the recipe from me via Boby (I was in the house, mopped the kitchen and dining floors with so much soap, I had to mop 5x to get the soap off and the floors shone afterwards from too much scrubbing) Next time I will have to cut down on the measurement, and follow the exact recipe. 

Here's some shots of my home made (was suppose to be spicy but didn't turn out spicy, my granma started adding dried grapes--kismis in the recipe, was too salty for her so she added a lot of sugar, diabetic old lady that one and I had to adjust it with paprika to bring back the flavor but it still didn't turn out right)

Drying the cubed carrot and defrost corns, left on towel to dry

Soaked, pressure cooked beans (kidney beans, canneli,pinto, etc)

Pressure cooked potatoes, mashed thru strainer

Onions, cumin powder, paprika, chili powder, salt and some other seasonings

Add in the mashed potatoes...

...and the carrots and corns...

...and the beans for a final touch, mix well to taste. I forgot to take the picture of blended corn flakes, those are used to hold the patties before frying them over the pan. The beans have to be cut smaller and add some "holding" ingredient like corn flour, biscuit flakes and or some chapatti flour. (Starchy rice can do also) I got greedy and made my patties thick, make your thin. Please use your hands to shape the patties. All the recipes about using molding this that junk almost never work 99% of the time.

Can you see the Gouda cheese sticking out? I loved the cheese and the sauce, the patty not so much. Upsetting this procedure. I messed up the whole kitchen. Oil and grease had stuck to my hair.

Check out the sauces dripping. Lovely isn't it?

Final shot. Cheese, mustard, chili and tomato sauce. Hmm, come to think of it, it wasn't that bad after all.

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