Saturday, September 12, 2009

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The Smallest and Cheapest Restaurant Around

Last week Satish and I went to a (rather small) chinese vegetarian restaurant we noticed near Central Market. How we found it? The large Vegetarian Sign plastered outside the entrance. Its sandwiched between 2 equally small shops on the main road to Kota Raya. Get down from LRT, walk in the direction of Pudu and Kotaraya along the main road, you won't miss it. Its on your right. I heard they had trouble running food business there, apparently the other half of the shop was initially given to them, but the DBKL decided to run a race scan on them and had them built a board divider. Well, for now the entrance is pretty much the exit of the shop. The shop/stall is the size of Satish's room in Malacca, well maybe slightly smaller. They boost to serve the cheapest vege nasi lemak money can buy, at RM 1. Alot of of food was going for RM 1 but I figured RM 1 is the basic. Add-ons will come up to RM 2.50 or RM 3.80 (go for the add-ons like nasi lemak + ham, nasi lemak + mushroom + soup, etc) After the's what I have to say...
You can't miss this sign from across the road!

Left View

Notice the RM 1 sign plastered at the entrance.
The shop is so tiny it only fits 4 tables and 10 people at a single time. But the food there is fantastic, preservative free plus the staff are so friendly you will get tempted to tip them. Sadly today I was on tight budget, else I would have tipped them already.
So last week, with Satish I ordered nasi lemak + ham, rice came out a bit dry but the satay sticks made up for that and the nasi lemak sambal was soo damn tasty I felt like licking the plate off there and then.

The curry me (comes in both dry and curry version) Go for curry!

The baby jelly

The Sweet Taiwan Tofu

Wiped clean

Today I had baby jelly, taiwan tauhu and curry mee. The noodles tasted fresh and I inquired the assistant. She said they are "freshly made, our noodles are different from the others. We try to be different". True to her words, I say. Normally with commercial noodles, you get that cleaned-teeth taste after eating it, the damn soda bicarb cleans out your teeth inside out. But today I felt that the noodle really behaved like a noodle should. The soft Japanese tauhu was totally unexpected for. It sounded exotic on the menu so I picked it. But when seeing the actual soy-tofu on my table, it looked like a turned-over tofu-from a plastic container that had been bought from the shelf that had been sprinkled with some seasonings, peanut powder and black sauce. So I gambled on this dish. He he he he. I actually liked the taste of the tofu. It may have been a commercial tofu but it was delicious. The sauce made all the difference. So guys, if the food looks least appealing to you its because it the tastiest dish on the menu. It was both sweet and spicy. Sweet when your eating it, spicy when it just about goes down your throat and it gives you that "Spicy coming thru!" feeling. My face was so bloody red and hot when I was done with the mee and tauhu. And now, my dessert. I expected the baby jelly I ordered to be a drink (since it was listed under Drinks, but it came out on a plate, with 4 cubes of ice, pink cordial and 2 light pink jelly floating on it. It looked oddly cute. Maybe its just me, I have never seen or heard of such a dish before. The jelly itself (made of coconut and something else I couldn't identify) brought back my taste buds to its senses. I recommend :
For starters: the taufu/tofu dishes or anything off the sandwich menu
Main Course : Nasi lemak (they rotate the nasi lemak menu for odd and even days, ask them for today's specials)

Dessert: Baby jelly (must try) RM 1 only!!

Price of all 3 dishes came to RM 7.30. Bus fare from office to KL Sentral RM 3.80. LRT fare from KL Sentral to Pasar Seni and back RM 2.00

Operating hours : 8 AM till late afternoon (or until when food runs out)

Open on all days from Monday-Saturday and alternate Sundays *this Sunday closed

You have to wait for a seat during peak hours (breakfast, lunch) I went at 2.30 PM and I was lucky I got a seat. Sharing tables with other people is recommended if you have don't want to wait that long

Cheapest food around-portions are enuff for vegetarians and total tab (inc. transportation) came up to RM 13.10

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  1. Ah, I see. You're in KL? I took a trip to KL once! It was nice. I loved the satay! I keep hearing about nasi lemak. I'm excited to try it.