Monday, October 26, 2009

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Italiannies@Mid Valley Gardens

After a whole day of bouncing around in places, we settled down for a heavy meal at Italianness in Gardens. I have always loved this place. I used to work in their main branch in One U back in Uni days. They had changed the menu and added in 5 more dishes into it. I stuck to the best tasting vege food available. Food was good, portions were OK, pizza was fantastic. Dessert was smacking tasty. Loved it all.

Starters: Toasted bruschetta and Spinach & artichoke formaggio  
Main course : Pizza (damn I forgot the name but we asked to remove the chicken)
Dessert : Tiramisu



Classic martini and tropical sunshine

Tiramisu, loved it so much

Tab : RM 159 inc tax

Tip : RM 20

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