Saturday, October 10, 2009

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A Thai Massage

I went to Mid Valley few days back to do some shopping to restock on my food supplies and get some new tees for work. I chanced upon a Thai Massage shop and "promptly" went in! LOL
The massage was slow and sensual; not quite as good as the one I had in Thailand. But for one hour RM 47.50 (with tax) the massage was worth it. I don't remember what the shop's called but it on the left-hand-side of F.O.S located on the 2nd floor. (Don't know which wing, sorry folks)
She started off with a a cup of some herbal tea, then since my jeans was uber-tight I changed into loose pants and she proceeded to prod my legs while i lie down on a beach-type chair with a cooling eye pad over my eyes. I was surprised I didn't sleep off right there and then. So I had 45 mins of leg massage and he last 15 mins she pulled my arms here and there and pushed my neck muscles. It did feel good afterwards!

So here's some pictures after the jump

Had forgotten to shave my legs! *embarrassing*

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