Saturday, October 10, 2009

# burn # car

I witnessed a Burning Car Today

I was walking to work actually and as I deeply breathed in the fresh and dewy morning air I saw wafting black smoke across the sky. I thought someone might be burning some "sampah" early in the morning (as early as 7AM) but as I crossed to the main road and passed the local kindergarten I saw a black car going up in smokes. There were a small crowd witnessing the car's slow death as if it were some kind of early morning opera show. The guard from the opposite side of a posh International school was mumbling something to me. He had wanted me to walk the other lane, far away from the smoke because as I was passing the car something *popped* into the air. The car hood was open and there was a bit of a fire. Mostly smoke

So I quickly whipped out my handphone from the depth of my bag and took some pictures, Here's some pictures after the jump

A far shot really...but the best I could do on a 2 Mega Pixel

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