Thursday, December 17, 2009

# cheap food # damansara

Sandwich @ O Brien's Wisma UOA II Damansara

This place sucks. Its a yuppie certified place. Not for food lovers. Hit Subway instead @ Wisma UOA

Overall rating 2/10. Really, its that bad! They charged sun-dried tomatoes under "meat price", additional sauces cost another RM 1.50 and cheese cost RM 3.00 a piece

Subway cost me RM 6.90 for all the sauces I want, the veges and cheese. Plus its fulfilling. O'Brien's SUCK BIG TIME!!

Im never going to this place again. The only patrons I saw were middle aged white people with too much money to spend

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  1. hi..looking at yr post just make me wanna go to subway now :) i luv subway but never tried o brien.