Monday, December 28, 2009

# cheese # Chili's

Saturday Nite out @ Chili's KLCC

What did I tell you? I love Chili's @ KLCC. It's my most favorite place to drink and eat! The bartender made our drinks extra strong, he recommended us some "vegetarian" approved dishes....and here's some pictures after the jump!

Bottomless nachos. I loved the fact that the chips were toasted, not fried. Which meant it was a better choice that the fries shown below:

Honey Shredded Chicken, with sauce, corn in cub and not so tasty fries

My dish! Damn I forgot the name! But it consisted of a bed of Romaine, chips filled with mushrooms, cheese and caramelized onions, and a centre of fresh tomatoes and a dollop of fresh mayo! Yum Yum! I was full after 3 slices!

Shown here is Jamaican Paradise. It was suppose to look blue (Blue Coraco, people) but somehow the lighting and the hue made it glow in green. Between us we gulped down 7 cocktails and martinis! Yum Yum! I love ladies' night out!

Grande Martini

Tab came up to RM 220. We love our food and the service so much we tipped him RM 20. Well, it was a worth trip....after movies (Avatar for me, 3 Idiots for her), hairdo for her, a massage for me (tipped the blind lady RM 5), some tops and a bag for brother, and some top for our lovely selves.


  1. chili all time my favorite when tea time

    visit me at Nikel Khor

  2. i like to eat in chili's @ klcc
    the dish ..the steak.. delicious
    how ever i dunlike the ..waiter keep on asking

    sir, can i take this?
    sir, you want to add anything else?
    taking the plate away all the time...

    -_-!!!!!!!!! i hate that feel..