Friday, January 1, 2010

# baby kailan # chinese stirr fry

Happy New Year!

Damn, I'm a day late! I wanted my entries to read 1 Jan 2010. But never's some dishes I made over the few days I'm at JB. Leaving on Sunday. Going to miss my sister. And her counter, my god her workers are a bunch of bowling pins. Silly and funny.

Anyways here's the food. Tofu In Masala, Sawi and vegeis stir-fry

Lathering the soft Jap tofu in corn flour, salt and pepper

Fried tofu...had to be careful with these (soft, remember?)

Frying onions

Tweaked Tofu in Masala (omitted the Marsala wine, and some other items not available in this damn country) Even my rosemary and thyme came in bottles. Damn!

Can anyone go wrong with Chinese?

You can never go wrong with Chinese stir-fry

Priti's Banlienue

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