Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Malacca As You Have Never Seen Before

We were walking to some Indian food shop to deliver some chapatis his mom had made. He took me to walk in the alleyway along Jonker Street and gosh I felt as if I was transformed back in time! The doors were slim and tall (just the way I like it!) and the whole place is so old and antique...then we came to the back of the restaurant and I was surprised to see them cooking using firewood!!! In Malaysia!! Firewood!! Shocking isn't it? The back of the restaurant smelled of spices and it was soo hot I started to sweat. I don't know how these guys can take the heat. (And this confirms it what goes in your curry dhal and makes it so yummy!) Never mind the pots were huge enough to sit a man or two and sauna themselves!!

I had fun! The guy even posed for a shot!

The back alleyway

Man cooking something

Water boiling

Man posing

The door to an old abandon shoplot

You don't get Lonely Planet to come this far!

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