Tuesday, January 19, 2010

# Aldy hotel malacca # beer and smoothie

Lunch @ Aldy Hotel Malacca

So here I am at work, after 2 weeks of walking on air and feeling heady with love..

I am so glad Satish came back, and I have to see him coming March.

Here are some pictures after our last lunch @ Aldy's-his favorite place. I had risotto and he had pizza. Drinks, I had strawberry and mango smoothie and he had a beer. I was surprised when I saw my dish. I had expected it to look pinkish white, possibly hinting of Italian herbs but he marinated my rice (basmati!!?) in mustard and cheese. My steamed aubergine tasted bitter but the cherry and sun-dried tomatoes made up for that. The sliced carrot was soft and lovely. Overall I'd rate this dish 5/10. Maybe if he hadn't spend time decorating the plate to make it look gourmet and spend more time making the dish taste as good as it looked I would have been happier. Oh well, that's hotel food for you!!

Total tab came up to RM 70++. Overpriced I know. But it was the closest from his home

My smoothie

His beer

My risotto. My "corn in cub" LOL

Side view

His beer and pizza

Bumped into Priyu's BFF...

My last day with Satish before he flew off back to Dubai

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