Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Went to an Unknown Wedding Tonight!!

Well, sort of unknown, because I knew no one there, but a handful of familiar faces from town. Hell, I didn't even know the bride and groom's names save for their initials engraved at the entrance. K and S! Well,i t was sort of a last-minute decision to go since dad was going with his friend and his car was empty so he invited us all. So me and my cousin dressed up and followed suit. The moment I reached the hall, I was pleasantly taken aback at the lines of vintage Volvos on display. Someone from the party must have been a big fan of classic cars and extended the invitation to classic Volvo owners. I was soo happy, I stopped couple of men for a few shots. They willingly obliged. Ha ha ha!

 Just look at those lovelies...

Sweet isn't it?

Close up of the wedding car

LOL I stopped this guy from moving for a shot!

And this one too! If I ever see one of these babies on the road, Imma rob one!

So then I got bored looking at people and their sarees and their golds so I started cam-whoring with my cousin...some picis I took of us and dad and the food we ate. I loved the food, it was nice and very Indianish. Dessert was scrumptious! Ice Kacang and payasam! I had to queue up for that, and some kid kept cutting the queue again and again..I was pissed when I saw him for the 3rd time for the damn ice kacang! Some middle aged lady wanted to cut me and I told her to "queue up"!
Yours truly

Me and a cousin of mine

My plate. I felt bad cos I took alot but had to throw away the mock meat cos it was salty and oily. I wiped the round-round -thingy -that-looks-like-dried-wanton thingy and the rice was well done. Not too dry, not overcooked and there weren't any LUMPS! yum yum!

My ice kacang had too much santan in it but I ate it all. But when it comes to ice kacang, nothing can beat the one I had in Malacca with Satish. 

Payasam-It was hot to touch and warm to eat. Well done, I say

Well, there was a long queue for food, and being nice well-mannered guests we waited while the whole hall went swoosh with chair being pulled back and people making a beeline for the food. We waited until the wedding ceremony was over then made our way to the stage and dad passed the RM50 in envelope to the groom's father's hands while I sneaked in behind the camera man and took some shots of the couple. It didn't come out good as there were alot of people moving around..

The bride looked abit fat to me, but one of her sister was hot!

The "kolam" thingy. 

They had setup 3 tables for main dishes, and 3 more for desserts. The 2 main tables were basically meat and stuff with the dried-wanton thrown in but the 3rd table with the least crowd was the vegetarian only so I made my way there and loaded up my plate. After "main course" went to the dessert tables and got myself 3 cups of payasam, then had to queue for the ice kacang. 

And now comes the decor! It was nice and different! As I entered the hall, There was a hallway build out of papers to give guests this "web" feeling...

Couldn't resist taking picis here! Haha

It was nice evening, and I reached home at 9.30PM

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