Friday, April 2, 2010

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Pop UP Book!

I went to the stupid "Pesta Buku" at PWTC couple of weeks back and let me tell you, not only was it stupid, the whole "pesta" was racist and crappy. As I got down from LRT I was overwhelmed by the number Malay families walking towards PWTC. At first I thought there was some event going on but then after close onversation of kids and mummies swinging plastic bags of BOOKS I was a bit dishearten. I told myself, never mind lets find out what this  "pesta buku" is all about. 

Turned out to to be "pesta buku al-quran". There we so many books on Quran and Islam and such that I got angry and started giving people rude looks. It was only after I went to the upper floor (much more quieter) that I slightly calmed down. Not only was this area pin-drop silence but it was void of kids and mummies and teens. Reason being? Books were in English. Representatives were conversing in English. I felt safer. No, I'm not a racist but I should have seen this coming given that MPH or BORDERS or even The Junk Book Store were not participating. Should have seen it coming

But non the less, I managed to get some giant baby books for my sister and a lovely pop-up book. I loved the pop-up soo much!

And to treat myself after a long winding day of walking, vegetarian nasi lemak from Chameleon round the corner. 

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