Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gosh it has been so long since I last blogged!

It's been a month since I last updated my blog. Well, alot of things has been happening lately. Alot of weddings coming up. I'm deciding on which ones to attend, and which one to ditch. Plus my my brother's prom night is coming soon and he hasn't the right clothes to wear. My my mother's good looking genes, he is nominated for the prom king.Well, he is no Bryan Boy but he definitely knows how to dress! I might have to skip a "hen" next weekend and hit the stores to get him his prom suit.

Well, this week didn't start off smoothly. Someone from work replied to my recalled email and I got screwed for that. On top of that, another person had explained to me over the phone to "just move" some things here and there for her and then she aptly shot 2 emails totally forgetting what she had mentioned earlier. I go screwed for that too. In reality, I actually screwed up one time for another issue but I got screwed for all 3 issues. LOL. But silves lining here is, hmmm....I think I will skip this bit. Someone from work might be reading this but let's just say I wasn't racked by guilt so much!

So much for communication. I know I don't usually talk about work here. But this bit I just have to mention. Discreetly of course. I was playing with the 2 banned IPs (banned them because some anonymously bitched me on my CBOX) Anyways I figured out who left the comments. Well, first off. It was easy. The comments weren't in English. It was in indigenous language. So that narrowed down my suspects. Then I just did a random check and with the help of Google. Bingo. Listen, if you are reading this. I got only one thing to say to you. YOU. ARE. A. COWARD. Stop bitching about me and move on. Or you can continue to wash my karma if you want to. Your choice. Didn't think you'd understand the karma part. lol. So much for language.

Last bit, someone from my team is leaving. A bit sad. But then there's a new recruit that just came in. Well, I don't suppose this will affect me much. I'm such an introvert at work. But off work, it's you, me and Overtime. 

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