Tuesday, June 15, 2010

# buddha temple in penang # heritage

...and the Penang Trip!

Most of you probably have better pictures and seen more of Penang but in a limited time, this is pretty much what I did:

For breakfast I had nasi lemak and 2 idlis..it was delicious!

After done with the food, I went snooping around taking pictures of the clean restaurant and the food the workers were preparing for lunch

Then it was the Penang bridge

From the bridge it was to the temple-Kek Lok Si

I liked the design, very detailed and intricate

The flooring of the temples

Loved the way this god was posed. Very manly and powerful

Large spawning hill of pagoda and temples. I paid the 2 ringgit to climb the pagoda and was called back so I had to run back. Didn't even came close to climbing up the stairs

Looks like one of our Hindu Gods

I loved the statues. They all looked gorgeous washed in gold

The tower of mini gold coins

Female deities

Bronzed child-deity looked cute


The pagoda I missed

The snake temple

Streets of Penang

Lunch Thali...

...wiped clean!

The Thai Buddhist Temples were gorgeous, hands-down

The roof of temple

Golden Buddha

This is just the fan..

Money tree...and I found

50 ringgit on clipped on it!

Dancing damsels

Semi naked statue of a boy

Boys carrying a bell


Designs on a wall

This was reportedly the most beautiful woman and the first female devotee of Buddha

The garuda, loyal companion of all Hindu gods

Some restoration and new work going on at the back of the temple

Unfinished painting

Buddha being welcomed to the heavens and encouraged by the gods as he takes off his princely custome and dons simple means of a bhrahmin

And he is also being tempted by the demons to not do so

Love this shot, the sky looks so nice

The second Siammese Buddhist Temple I visited

The great banyan at the back provided great shade

I thought this was hilariously funny

The magnificent sleeping Buddha

Sky high ceilings adorned with miniature statues of Buddha

I was a bit surprised when I saw the back walls were sliced into cubes to house urns of the dead. Most of these people were from the early 1900s but I found some fresh ones from 2004

What the donation box said was irony seeming where it was placed

Pretty but dead

He he he

Dips Camera..better than my 2mg

And we are done for the day

Good bye Penang~ Till next time

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