Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Back to Back Trip to Kedah and Penang

I attended my cousin's wedding reception at Kedah. The reception was a bit boring but the food was great! (There was ice kacang!)

So some pictures of the event:

Cam whoring half-way with a lady's dog. There was an event for classics and vintage cars and she was one of the participating member...check out her vintage drive

Shamelessly posing...

Wedding decor was splendid but there were way too less crowd. And everyone sort of dissipated after the early dinner

The main dinner table

Another part of the decor

Bhabhi's father's owns a vintage drive!! It's a Minor 1000 and he is the only one in the whole of Kedah with that model! Now that is HOT!

Interior of the gorgeous little car

Pit stop at a Hanuman temple off the highway on the way to Kedah

Dips and I at the reception hall

My bling getup

It was lady gaga meet MJ. Note the shoulder pads and chains. I had to much chains so the thick chain I wore it as a bracelet

Lady gaga style thunder makeup transformed to thunder-chain

Last but not least, the feast. It was delicious

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