Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Showing my Gratitude

Who says I am not thankful? After seeing my aunt virtually breaking her back and not to mention bank balance to marry off her son, I decided to thank her by buying a cake from Secret Recipe last Friday. I was already running late from work, and luckily the Secret Recipe franchise was still opened, so I rushed to get a cake. Fortunately for me, their latest concoction- Black Forest Cheese was available. So I took one and got her write "Thank you for everything, mom!" The exclamation mark was punctuated with a heart instead of the usual dot.

I didn't manage to get the whole sentence, by time I had come down they had cut the cake

Lovely isn't it?

So anyways some time last week an uncle was making paan for his flight back (something to chew on during the journey) It looked very scary to me. Imagine chewing on tobacco. The plastic cover had a scorpion on it and it said "Tobacco causes cancer". I don't suppose this will stop him from eating it. Somehow is it just me or does Indian tobacco smells sweet? The whole mixture is laid out on a square plastic and tied up tight into a smallest size possible and tying it up with a rubber band.

Ok, this thing which I can't pronounce its name is edible. If the air gets to it, you can reheat it in a microwave and eat it like crisps. It was too much for me. I'd like to value my life.

One of masi's sister made muthiya and it tasted out of this world! So different from the one my mum used to make. My mum used garlic and onion as the base and it doesn't always turn out right-the stench of garlic-onion put me off and I stopped eating muthiya. Until now! I had it for both lunch and dinner! I loved it soo very much. Best eaten with hot cup of tea. Hmm.....I feel like going to India already!

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