Tuesday, June 8, 2010

# compliment # work

Someone complimented my Work! Find out who!

Usually, for the kind of work I do-I get complaints and never any compliments (which includes cheapo freebies i.e shirts, mugs). If I do get compliments from clients, it is largely ignored. Anyways, they keep track of compliments and complaints on an internal site and I admit there were some screw ups at work, but what about the hard work and the extra hours and stay-backs? Sigh, so much for gratitude. I never made it to the wall of fame, I decided to thank myself for the hard work I do that largely goes un-noticed.

Kindly leave a comment. It's really rare my hard work is appreciated and I would be very thankful for the comment you leave behind. It will keep me going!


  1. Wow! Wish we have more clients like him. Malaysian tend not to give any compliment. *grin*

  2. Well done!

    From a fellow nuffnanger!. p.s. following your blog now.