Thursday, June 3, 2010

# food # jalan pudu

Lunch at Cheap Chinese Vegan Shop

I was googling for the shop address this morning and I came across a listing that stated it is located at No 5, Jalan Tan Cheng Lok, Kuala Lumpur and the shop name is 31 Street Food. There was even a phone number and it was working when I picked up. I forgot the Chinese guy's name but it was the same voice. I will get their number and confirm the address later when I go there after work. Meanwhile, let me post some pictures of the vegetarian food I had been having for the past few weeks

Rojak mee-dry and spicy version- RM 4.80 a plate

Another angle

BBQ satay- RM 1 each

Another angle of BBQ satay

Clearer shot

I moved the noodles to get a clearer shot

The satay. 3 pieces for RM 3

Loved it ~