Monday, August 9, 2010

# holiday # langkawi


I feel like holidaying, at least before my brother leaves for university/college in UK/Singapore

I called him today and if he felt like it for Langkawi, but he was sleepy so I will ask again on Thursday. We both are suppose to go Singapore if he hasn't get receive any update about his loan/scholarship for UK. Personally I would be glad if he was nearer, in other words I can drag him for one of my sprees-namely starting with the islands of Malaysia then finishing off with a back pack trip across Europe. 

Sigh, the life it would be. I know I'm not talking about my boyfriend a lot here, I'm going thru a phase (hopefully i will get over it quick) I went once to Koh Samui with him and I had to rethink all my trips after that. Not really that great but I'd rather not talk about it.

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