Monday, August 16, 2010

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Weekend Trip to Singapore

Hello folks!! I am in such an euphoric mood, not even a face to face later at work (for a screw up 2 weeks back) is going to dent it!

So last week I was having moody PMS, especially on the Saturday I had planned to hit Singapore with my brother and sister. He bailed out last minute (no doubt to hog the TV) which left me and Dips.

Satish told me in advance that everything is accessible via MRT, plus my twin added that the whole place is 25 KM a stretch. And they have mostly one way streets. Anyways, we hit the MRT at Bugis station after getting out of the local town bus. From there, bought a day pass and a booklet marked with the places I wanted to check out : Raffles Place, Esplanade, Merlion Lion, Marina Sands Skypark, Little India, Chinatown, Geylang and  East Coast Park

We took a lot of pictures and I loved this trip. When I got back though, my brother reminded me if I had visited the park where people can sort of stand and cuss the government, parliament, etc. I was like WTF?! Why didn't I know this? Mental note, check out House of Japan on Haji Road, the cuss park (I don't know what its called) and the old Raffles building (missed it, while cam-whoring for Marina Sands), the quaint pub at Little India, open air bar at Chinatown, the clubs on East Coast Park, Forever 21 and Victoria Secret.

Anyways, some shots after the jump:

Some place near Raffles Place

Bullock cart facing Maybank Entrance

Cute, reminded me of my childhood days

Esplanade, too bad the roads were blocked due to Youth Olympic Games

Well, Dips screwed all my  pictures. So Im posting hers, which I shot ever so nicely

This was the epitome of the trip. I actually saw it in Discovery and I was so bowled over by the "Infinity Pool" we didn't mind paying the SGD 20 each to go to the rooftop

From the roof top

The pool I fell in love with when it was aired on Discovery. Too bad it was for hotel guests only, else I would love to have skinny dipped (on a week night, when tourist is the least) Kidding, I meant just jumping in

Little India

At a place called Apollo

Mango Lassi, damn it was thick

Naan, panner makhani (measly 2 blocks of panner pieces, after i shifted thru the bowl with my fork) and channa thingy. Average, 5 over 10

Clustered plates after lunch, it was too heavy for both of us. Dips ordered some pakora. It looked too good to be nice, because of the color.But it tasted alright.

Ok, now I can explain this. We were having fun with the pictures till the shop owner chased us out by saying no pictures allowed

I didn't understand why someone would put up a Red indian on Little India. Odd, no?

Tassels. You know, I like this Little India better than Malaysia's. It's too garish for us here, but there everything looked good, probably cos it had more of a North Indian touch. No, seriously!


She like her glams stoned

Must. Go. To. This. Bar

Chinatown here is an upped version of Jonker Street, Malacca

Little India

Yay, my legs are shiny! I used Red Earth!

A Masjid at China Town

A Temple in Chinatown


They were washing the temple so we didn't go in. Plus it looked a lot like the one in Pudu.

Iron cast Peacock

Famous Geylang Street


The whole stretch of road was full of working girls. I couldn't find this place (and I asked 2-3 times already but no one knew, and a monk stopped on a bike and started talking about death and not to come here at night, which pissed me off) So anyways, Ashok came by that time and drove us around for picis

I wasn't into shopping this time around, wanted to get direction to places so the next time I come I know where I'm going. Next up, we went to the beach. Wasn't that cool, reminded me of Morib. Period

Orchard Road, something like Pavillion

Holland Food Court happens to be a stretch of road filled up with restaurants. Really chic

I like the ambient, it was nice and woody

Mango juice again

Finished platter


  1. I've not been to Singapore yet, looks like a great place to chill :)

  2. Which is better?
    Singapore or Redang?