Friday, September 17, 2010

# food # gardens mid valley

Lunch at Flying Chillies @Gardens

Sooooooo it was a public holiday yesterday and I had the time to pick up my sister's engagement video and coffee table book as well as have a long lunch at Gardens afterwards

I loved the pad Thai, it was spicy and the drink was very very cooling. But it made my heart burn worse and I had to see the doc again this morning for another round of meds. Last week she treated me for U**, which caused the heart burn in the first place.

Some pictures after the jump

Pad Thai noodles (made vegetarian for me)

It cost me RM 16.50

And I loved every spicy bite of it!

This drink was called FC punch and it cost me RM 12. It was a concoction of strawberry, soursoup and mango. Wiped it all. Total tab including tax? RM 33


  1. I love spicy foods too! err the price, aint that kinda costly for that?