Thursday, November 11, 2010

# chayo restaurant # fondant vegetarian cake

Birthday Party at Chayo Again

I helped organise a birthday bash for my nephew, whom turned one this year. Of course the cake was insanely expensive (who spends couple hundred bucks for an eggless, fondant topped cake anyways?) Ha ha, only me! Wait till my sister's boy turn one next year! He is going to be spoiled! By me!

Enough talk, let the pictures speak for itself. For food, we had nasi lemak and tofu sambal, popiahs and samosas, burgers (my favorite) and mango raita. All in all, the food was great, the cake was superb and loved every bit of it. I hope no one threw it away, cos I only took 2 huge slices in plastic Tupperware, not sure what happened to the rest of it tho

The food on the buffet table
My spiced tea, this was damn good and smooth!
The outrageously expensive cake based on my nephew's favorite toy
The toy in real
With one of my cute nephew!
That's right, he is one!
Another shot of the cake
The burgers were the best dish, it vanished as soon as it touched the tray
The popiahs too, it was yummy


  1. nice post.. and nice baby.. pinch pinch..

  2. thanks for coming to Chayo and we are happy it was a great experience for you and your family. looks like a yummy cake...