Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Experimenting with Food Coloring

My sister was here, and requested for something exotic and Indian so I made pav bhaji and mango tasted good and the pav bhaji really stood out, cos I had added a few spoonfuls of ruby coloring. Now I know why food in restaurants look good but not necessarily taste good!

The coloring
Ingredient for the pav bhaji, clockwise: finely diced ball pepper, mashed garlic-ginger paste, diced onions and finely sliced red chillis
stuff for the popiahs (spring roll) marinated mango, skins, and diluted corn flour to rub it in-keeps them from loosening or open when deep-fried
burger buns
tadaa~ the pav bhaji
another shot
My sister said this is how they server pav bhaji in India. I skipped raw onions on my plate, not a big fan of it


  1. not a big fan of raw onion either *blek* garlic either but love them when they are cooked ^^

  2. Wow,I gonna try this. I would include raw onions, they taste great!