Monday, November 15, 2010

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FAIL : KDU Mystical Nite

Let me narrate to you about a "play" I went to which was organised by "kids" from KDU. The play was named The Phantom of The Opera. They might as name it The Nameless Opera. I will explain that in a bit. Let me summarize the play in a few well chosen words. It was childishly executed, inappropriate costumes, dialog was barely audible and by far the worst play I have ever seen. They succeeded in one thing and one thing only-KDU raped the play The Phantom Of The Opera.

My ticket read 7.30 PM, so by 7 my sister and I were already at the entrance showing my insurance card (do I look 12?) before being tagged on my wrist and given goodie bags (I threw away their potato chips, the Syahirah samples and kept only the journal, plus some worth it BB cream and moisturizer samples) I exchanged the Rexona deodarant with a friend, since mine was for a male.

People didn't wear tube dresses when the Phantom was first played. Serious lack of appreciation for classics.
This was my first time inside MOS, and I was a bit dissapointed with the furnishings. Let me just make it very clear to you all out there reading this. MOS at Sunway Pyramid is overrated. The sofas were old, in a sad state and needing a new upholstery. I bet they must be kicking themselves for letting in a bunch of kids to ruin their Saturday night income. Isn't it odd to organise a play IN A CLUB, of ALL PLACES? I bet the organisers were too taken in by the boob size of the female lead.

The loser Phantom, who was seriously lacking in intonation, pronouncation and the English grammar in whole
We were chased away from the venue by the Marketing Manager (for coming in ON TIME) and I had to tell him off. This is what I said " So you're chasing the guests out?" He looked flustered and went red so I did my best ugh and added "yes you are" before walking out to the ground floor till they "opened doors" to guests. Then some Dane came to us offering us soft drinks to which my sister said no-politely.

Once everyone was settled in the club, the plays started (30 mins behind schedule). They definitely didn't have prior planning for the play. It seemed to me that it was pulled off there and then. And there wasn't any props except for a table with a red table cloth and a candelabra sitting on it. What were they thinking??!! I got to admit it now, my idea of what private college students are confirmed. Stupid and future losers.

Hello Bali
So anyways, since this was a non-alcoholic party everyone was given soft drinks-coke and Sprite. I am still pissed at my colleague for missing out on an RM800 Fitness First voucher. His ticket was sitting in his chest pocket and by time he got it out, the bitchy host of the night was shouting "going, going, gone"

Well, it was a night not so well spent so we went to Republik and Hello Bali for shooters and cocktails. The end

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