Monday, November 15, 2010

# 2010 # big bad wolf book fair

The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair

I went there last week, it was held in South City Plaza, Sri Kembangan. I waited 2 hours in the queue. I bought books for prices to die for, because they were dirt cheap!

I was greeted by empty boxes at the entrance which were given free to customers to fill it in with books as they move along the aisles. I went in at about 1PM and only managed to come out at 4 PM ++. Now I know the word massive.

Tales from the crypt issue #1 to #8
19 books for RM 134
Ben Okri, graphic novel and comics, and the best buy-Mahathir Maverick in hard cover!
I took this picture while I was in the queue
Word of advise, bring tons of cash. The credit card queue was snail speed and the tabs were coming up to 1500 for each customer!
The people behind me, by this time I has progressed close to the check out counter
The people in front of me. They had A BOX each brimming with books
Pure love

  There were probably about 500 people in the 5000sqf area, and to control the massive growing crowd, they had to put up a temp grill to stop people from entering the hall. 


  1. really very very cheap..... 140+ for 19 books.

  2. too much LOL and the book is cheap indeed =)

  3. how much did you pay for maverick? a bargain bookstore is selling it for nearly a hundred.