Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Bull Rock, Cyberjaya

The service may not be good, but the whole place has a laid back environment and the music was especially good tonight which helped me relax and zone out (staring at the mamak shop opposite the road) and I enjoyed drinking there. As a matter of fact just came back from Bull Rock after 3 glasses of (toned down) cocktails. I took two glasses of Jenn's imitation called Club something which was ten times tinier than the original size and the alcohol level differed from each flavor. The lime one had probably 1% of alcohol so that tasted allot like Shandy, hell even the pina colada tasted like plain pineapple juice. But the cranberry Club something had 20% (or so the bartender had stated) and that made the job. Mental note : ask for the red one next time

I went there last with Satish and since the tables from outside were piled inside, I sat at a strategic place (away from HP employees out for  supper opposite the road) and it was a good spot. There was a fan beside me and that kept me cool while I sipped my drinks with extreme leisure. Plus they didn't accept plastic and I only had like RM 45 but the tab was RM 47 but he accepted RM 45 even when I insisted on paying him with foreign currency to make up for the balance 2 bucks (with USD) So service may be way too "laid back" but at least the tab wasn't so bad

Satish is so not going to like this, but hey I don't stop HIM from fagging and drinking do I? Hell, I don't even join him. So I have tested my threshold and 3 is still manageable

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