Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Here I am sitting idle and running low on self-esteem and morale to do anything but get totally wasted, and to top that off I am running low on Jameson and I'm saving the last can of Tiger for rainy days. Then it hit me! There's still a few fags in the car from Satish's leftover pack. It took me a few fags to recall how to inhale it properly but when it was done right, I was giddy in no time! But then I realised I didn't like the taste very much and it burnt my sensitive lips so I drove to the nearest sundry shop and bought me pack of Sempourna, Indonesian mint flavored fags that I could lick off my lips and it didn't burn at all. I got the minty green pack so the menthol was strong and it gave me a less feeling of "highness"

Well, that compensates..for now

Note: fagging is bad for health. You've been warned!

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