Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Dreams and Stamps

So after a long tiring day of driving around, I was glad I finally reached my apartment, greeted by the silence and warmth of my room. It took me 3 cycles to wash all my colors,whites and undies. It rained last night so I think my laundry won't dry out properly till Friday! So I was watching Flapjack and drinking beers, and slept off..and had this weird dream. In my dream I was sorting out my father's stamps into the book and came across many Indian stamps that looked alike and I thought of only keeping one of the same pieces and to throw away the rest. So I added that to the book and left it as it is. Then I get an urgent mail from JPN (whatever that means) with some returned stamps and a stamp price guide book that said I have a stamp that's worth 1.4 million ringgit and I was like huh? How did the government know that? So I was recalling (yeah in my dream) and I remembered posting a few of the duplicate stamps to the government to ask how much they're worth. So I was like practically screaming with joy and called Satish to open a bank locker for us to keep the stamp in there! Then I was thinking, what a waste to throw away the rest, and if someone finds it from the garbage they're about to get filthy rich! Pun intended!

So I was flipping thru the pages of the guide book and it said that these batch of stamps were hand painted in red and white by some painter during Nehru times (because the stamp depicted him standing in an old Delhi alleyway), an empty bullock cart next to him. The painter's work got sloppier as he progressed from one tiny stamp to the other and when he was done, the sloppiest stamp was apparently worth the most and I by chance was having it! Then, in another scene, I was standing at the bank locker and the attendant was opening the locker for me with her keys, and I had forgotten the password, I think it was 3789 and she told me to wait while she went out to get the manager for me and when she returned she tried to hit me with a bar but I avoided and hit her back. She was probably tying to steal the stamp from me. Last thing I remember was running away with the stamp. Well, the dream played over and over with different endings that don't even know where to begin and where to end, but in conclusion that was one weird dream.


  1. you must have had an eventful day earlier... :P

  2. it's time to place a bet with magnum, toto and cashsweep! :P