Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Road Safety & Diwali Celeb at Work

I went to the road safety talk thinking it's going to be some lame talk but boy was I wrong. The speaker was apparently some famous guy who has been saving peoples lives for 19 years after he himself had had a freak accident and was incorrectly pronounced dead. After been given a second chance at life, he dedicated his at saving others life's' He had been on TV and the newspapers saving people more than the authorities. And seen equal amount of death along the way. I didn't carry much money with me, but he said that it is possible to email him to purchase some vital emergency kit which I think will help me in event of accident on the road. The images he shown was harrowing and reminded me of the close shaves I've had on the road myself and I can't get lucky all the time. Read:

1. Liquid based Fire extinguisher & mount
2. Window & seat belt cutter (big one with wailing siren and flashing lights)
3. Mental note: Keep the car jack in view
4. Buy Apollo brand masking tape
5. Keep a soft cloth bag of emergency kit in the car
5. Torch light
6. Pepper Spray
7. Cotton handiplasts
8. Towel and tee
9. 3 pieces of red cones
10. Flashing green jacket for emergencies
Diwali celebration at MPH
Did my glucose test (good), blood pressure (high) and heart beat (high)
The best event of the whole day, the road safety/survival talk
The pilaf rice and mock meat I had for lunch
MC had a fake American accent
Crowd was huge
Cendol for dessert

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