Friday, November 18, 2011

An Unlikely Dream

Two nights ago I had an outrageously weird dream, to put it in a mild term. I dreamt Satish and I were looking at his vintage car which he had pimped (removed the back seats, added a new upholstery and new black carpeting on the floor) I was rubbing the carpet complimenting him when his late father's phone rang (he keeps his dad's phone with him) We looked at each other and before he can stop me I snatched the phone and the dallier's name read his father's name. Curiously I pressed on the green button and his dad seemed to be laughing at the other end. He told me (yeah, in English) to inform Satish not to worry and that he is OK, fine or something. I couldn't catch all his words because I could hear a windy noise in the background. He hung up and I passed the message to Satish. In my dream, the weather was bright and gay. The sun was shinning, the sky was very blue and we were right outside his house. Anyways I think his dad is probably tying to tell him to stop worrying and move on. Satish told me to tell his mum about the dream but I think it's wise if I don't because A) I'm not family B) I wasn't very close to his parents until after we got engaged C) they won't believe me anyways D) His sisters are going to be offended cos none of them had any dream of his dad

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